• If a down-filled comforter or quilt is relatively new or in good condition, it should be safe in the washing machine.
  • Line drying is best, but down comforters can be safely dried in your dryer.  Use the lowest heat setting or no heat tumble dry.  Throw in a few clean tennis balls or clean shoes to help fluff it and prevent clumping.  This may take three hours or more to dry completely.
  • Make sure your comforter is completely dry before using or storing—mildew can grow inside damp down and ruin it.
  • Do not over-clean your down comforter—the natural oils in the material may be stripped over time.
  • If your down comforter is old or is wearing out, take it to a dry cleaner instead.
  • Polyester fiber or poly/cotton blend.
  • This kind of comforter/quilt can be safely cleaned at home, unless it is very old or in delicate condition.  Follow instructions on the care label for machine washing.
  • If care label is gone, let comforter soak in the washer for several hours before running through the wash cycle.
  • Add ½ cup vinegar to the rinse cycle to ensure all soap residue is dissolved.